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Privacy Policies

A. Introduction

The privacy of our website visitors is very important to us and we have dedicated ourselves to protecting it. This principle explains what to do with your personal information.
You allow us to use cookies within the scope of this principle during your first visit to our site, allowing cookies to be used every time you visit our website.
B. Source
This document was created with a template provided by Seq Legal (Seqlegal.com)
and website Planet (www.webiteplanet.com).

C. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information from the following type can be collected, stored and used:

IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, and information about your computer, including the operating system;
Information about your visit and usage, including reference source, visit time, page views and ways of navigating on the site;
Information such as your e-mail address to register to our site;
For example, your name, your profile picture, your gender, your birthday, your relationship, your interests and hobbies, your education and working status, such as creating profiles on our site;
Information such as the name and e-mail address you provide when subscribing to our e-mails and/or newsletters;
The information you enter when using the services on our site;
Information created when using our site, including when, how often and under what conditions you use;
Including your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card information, anybody you buy through our site, a service you use or a transfer you perform;
Including the content of your username, profile picture and the content of your post, the information you send to our site to share our site on the internet;
All kinds of communication content you send via our site or e-mail, including communication content and top data;
All other personal information you send us.
Before sending us the personal information of another person, you must get the approval of the person that the information will be shared and that it will be processed in accordance with this principle.

D. Using your personal information

The personal information sent to us via our site will be used for the purposes specified in this principle or in the relevant pages of the site. We can use your personal information for the following purposes:

Managing our site and our business;
Personalize our site for you;
Enable you to use the services on our site;
send you the products you purchased from our site;
To provide services purchased from our site;
send you notification, invoice and payment reminders and get payment from you;
Establishing commercial communication with you external marketing;
to send you the e-mail notifications you specifically requested;
If you have requested, send you our e-mail bulletin (you can tell us at any time if you do not want a bulletin);
send you the marketing content that we think will be useful by our business or carefully selected third-party enterprises with mail, e-mail or similar technologies (you can notify us at any time) if you do not want marketing content);
Providing statistical information to third parties about our users (but these third parties cannot determine the identity of any user using this information);
To solve the complaints and requests made by you or about you about our site;
Keeping our site safe and preventing fraud;
verify that our website is used in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions (including watching messages sent by private message service) and
For other purposes.
If you send personal information to be published on our site, we will publish this information or use it within the scope of your license.

Your privacy settings can limit your information on our site and can be changed through privacy controls on the site.

Unless you openly allow, we will not forward your personal information to any third party or direct marketing departments of other third parties.

E. Sharing Personal Information

We can send your personal information to our employees, staff, insurers, professional consultants, agencies, suppliers or subcontractors as long as we require the purposes specified in this principle.

We can convey your personal information to all members of our group of companies (our subsidiaries, our upper holding company and its subsidiaries), as long as it requires the purposes specified in this principle.

We can share your personal information in the following cases:

In cases where it is legally necessary;
Regarding ongoing or possible legal processes;
To protect, implement and defend our own legal rights (including transmitting information to others to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk);
to the buyers (or potential buyers) of all businesses and assets we sell (or we intend to sell) and
Apply to the court for the announcement of personal information

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