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* Every type of steel repair or conversion.

* Slop/sludge removal and tank cleaning

  The scope of repair, renewal, maintenance and overhaul services provided during docking and repair period are listed as follows:

* High pressure water jet cleaning up to 1500 bar

* Grit blasting up to SA2½,

* Tank coating with dehumidifiers, vacuum removers

* Tail shaft with drawal, surface crack examination and machining

* Docking and undocking via travel lift capacity 820ton

* Manufacturing of stern tube bearings and shaft bushes

* Manufacturing of propeller shafts

* Engine and generator overhaul

* Availability of certified material at stocks

* Engine and generator overhaul

* Alternator repair, rewinding of electro-motors, repairs and installing electrical equipments.

* Painting

* Propeller repairs and polishing

* Repair at anchor area

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