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15.05.2013 Pallas Refer to Order New Bunker Vessel for LNG

Pallas Group AB (publ) intends to order a new bunker vessels beyond gasoil and fuel oil also is adapted to transport the future of marine fuels LNG and methanol.

This vessel is a further development of the design company took in spring 2012. The improvements that have been performed in the previous project are as follows.

  1. The ship is now designed to be able to unload 2,200 tons.

  2. The ship can carry including the LNG (liquefied natural gas) and methanol.

  3. The vessel is also equipped with catalysts to significantly reduce NOX emissions.

Pallas Group has today extended the intent that the company has with Akdeniz Shipyard for the construction of this ship design as by Norden Ship Design House. Both parties intend to be ready with drawings and specifications before summer 2013 and after signing contract commence construction in autumn 2013.


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